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 sfyc23 / EverydayWechat

 Python  5,217  1,133 Built by @sfyc23 @ClaireYiu @L1cardo @QSCTech-Sange @dancingsnow 41 stars today

 P1sec / QCSuper

QCSuper is a tool communicating with Qualcomm-based phones and modems, allowing to capture raw 2G/3G/4G radio frames, among other things.
 Python  224  23 Built by @p1-mmr @p1-bmu 36 stars today

 vaexio / vaex

Out-of-Core DataFrames for Python, visualize and explore big tabular data at a billion rows per second.
 Python  1,433  91 Built by @maartenbreddels @JovanVeljanoski @rieder @xdssio @dougalsutherland 35 stars today

 Alivon / Panda-Learning

学习强国 xuexiqiangguo 全网最好用学习强国助手:Panda_Learning 萌萌的熊猫帮你搞定学习强国
 Python  1,883  595 Built by @Alivon @AthenaCN @lostinfever @zyftank @EmonLieu 5 stars today

 NVlabs / DG-Net

CVPR2019 Joint Discriminative and Generative Learning for Person Re-identification
 Python  294  32 Built by @layumi @xiaodongyang 12 stars today

 kekingcn / kkFileView

使用spring boot打造文件文档在线预览项目解决方案,支持doc、docx、ppt、pptx、xls、xlsx、zip、rar、mp4,mp3以及众多类文本如txt、html、xml、java、properties、sql、js、md、json、conf、ini、vue、php、py、bat、gitignore等文件在线预览
 Python  1,561  527 Built by @klboke @gitchenjh @HappyTree2017 @HWliao @mhqpx 6 stars today

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