How to become a Pythonista

Python is a marvellous language. Not only is it simple to learn, the existing frameworks that exist in Python is just as much if not much more than most of the other popular programming languages today (except maybe the JS frameworks ecosystem). Now there are tons of tools to get you started in Python, but very few that take you through all the advanced stuff that you need to really become a Pythonic thinker. So, what should you do and what study plan should you follow?

Simplest Answer

You can buy any one of the books listed on the Home page of this blog and not just read the book, but also do the exercises. There are so many options when it comes to specialization in Python in a particular field that you're literally spoilt for choice. I chose Machine Learning, Quantum Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Software Engineering, and Blockchain Technology, all at the same time, because I believe all of them will converge into a united model of computation and will cause disruptive innovation in these fields. Anyway - let's see the direction in which we go!

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